Breathing Techniques for Daily Life

Become a happier and healthier version of yourself with the power of your own breath.
What is Breathwork?
Breathwork practice can fundamentally alter your health, leaving you feeling focused, energised, and deeply relaxed. Breathing techniques can improve your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state.

Conscious breathing has a huge impact on how we think, feel and act, and the good news is that we're finally waking up to it.

Green Queen Media highlighted Return to Breath as one of its 2020 Trend Predictions: "Real wellness starts with good breathing and you can't properly engage your mind and body without it".
Benefits of Conscious Breathing
The easiest and most powerful way to live a better life and be in charge of your physical body, emotions, mind and soul. Start today!
Recharge Your Batteries
Learn to relax faster, sleep better and calm your nervous system.
Detox Your Mind
Let go stress, anxiety, and limiting beliefs about yourself.
Gain Peace & Clarity
Achieve inner peace, improve your focus & sharpen attention.
Perform better
Boost your athletic performance and recover your muscles easier.
Breathwork Classes with Respira
Join my Private and Group Classes, Online Sessions, Corporate Wellness Programs, One-Day Retreats and Conferences in Asia
Online and Live Private Classes
Book a private one-hour class customized for your needs and aspirations. Achieve your wellness goals faster through the series of individual classes.
Live Group Classes
Check out the schedule for group classes (size: 10-12 people) both indoors and outdoors. Classes are normally held on HK Island.
Conferences and Events
Add a unique offering to your conference, festival, marathon or a tournament with a 30 to 60 min breathwork activity, tailor-made for your event format.
Corporate Wellness
Help your employees become healthier, stress-free and more productive at work through the series of on-demand breathwork classes and workshops.
About Respira
Respira stands for breathing in the Latin Language. It also means recover hope, courage and strength after a time of difficulty. Respira is a call to action in Spanish. A call to become better and happier versions of ourselves.

Respira is run by Aigul Safiullina, a certified breathwork coach graduated from International Centre of Conscious Breathing Studying and Practicing, part of Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GBPA).

She started practicing conscious breathwork to enhance her trail running performance and to find a balance between her work and personal life. Combining the deep relaxation techniques with the powerful methods used by the Russian Opera singers and cosmonauts, Aigul has designed a unique and accessible set of exercises that can be used by anyone in their daily lives.
A typical class with Respira
Each class is unique, even if it's a regular indoor activity! All classes are tailor-made and serve the variety of goals: breathe to recharge, breathe to relax, breathe to heal and others.
Choose your package
Regular breathwork classes take between 30-90 minutes depending on the format.
I want to try first
Book a 30-min consultation over the phone or video call.
Book Now
Live Group Class
Join my live group classes at one of the locations on HK island.
150-250 HKD*
Check Schedule
Corporate Wellness & Events
Let me deliver a tailor-made activity in your office, conference or sport event.
Inquire Now
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